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Introducing Dennis + Ives, a remarkable development by 95 Arch Partners QOZ Fund, LLC. Located in the thriving Rail Yard District of Jacksonville, this unique retail, office, and mixed-use collaborative experience is set to redefine the city’s first impression. With its strategic visibility to approximately 60 million cars annually on I-95, Dennis + Ives recreates the entryway to Florida’s First Coast. Combining a rich historical backdrop with a forward-thinking design, the Rail Yard District brings together established businesses, innovative retailers, and community-focused companies, creating an urban neighborhood that exudes a distinctive sense of place and excitement.

rendering of dennis and ives entire complex
An aerial overlooking the Jacksonville Farmers Market, Robinson’s Addition neighborhood and Honeymoon Yard.
Source: The Jaxson Magazine

Why the Rail Yard District?

The Rail Yard District is a developing area located in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. It is situated around the historic Jacksonville Terminal, which was originally built in 1919 and served as the city’s main train station. The district is characterized by its industrial heritage and is currently undergoing revitalization efforts to transform it into a vibrant mixed-use neighborhood.

The vision for the Rail Yard District is to create a dynamic urban center that combines residential, commercial, and recreational spaces. The area aims to attract a diverse range of businesses, residents, and visitors, contributing to the overall growth and economic development of downtown Jacksonville.

The Rail Yard District’s redevelopment plans include the preservation and adaptive reuse of historic buildings, the construction of new residential units, the establishment of retail and dining options, as well as the creation of green spaces and public amenities. The goal is to create an inviting and walkable neighborhood that promotes connectivity and fosters a sense of community.

Looking East on Dennis Street
Corner of Myrtle and Dennis Street 1928
Intersection of Myrtle Avenue and Dennis Street in Brooklyn

Minutes From McCoys Creek
on the Emerald Trail

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